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The Relationship Visualizer is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that uses Graphviz (opens new window) to generate graph diagrams from Excel data. It includes tools for creating style elements and saving them to a style sheet, executing SQL queries, displaying the Graphviz DOT Language (opens new window) source, and adding animation code to SVG graphs. It runs on Windows and MacOS operating systems, and supports English, French, German, Italian, and Polish languages using a tabbed, ribbon interface.

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Foreward and Introduction

Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS


Visualization terminology used throughout this site

Workbook Structure

Descriptions of the spreadsheet features

Creating Graphs

How to get started creating Graphviz graphs

Adding Style

Add meaningful elements of style to your Graphviz graphs

Creating Views

Graph different views from a common data set

Publishing Graphs

How to save graphs as stand-alone files

Advanced Topics

Graphviz features and tips for creating more elaborate graphs

Viewing DOT Source

See the DOT source code created for generating the graph

Using SQL

How to use SQL statements to fetch data from other spreadsheets

Exchanging Data

Export and Import text-based workbook contents for source control or sharing

Workbook Settings

Customize the overall settings which control the workbook


Gratitude and Third-Party Notice information