# What to do if Microsoft Edge blocks the Graphviz download

The Microsoft Edge browser may blocked the download of the Graphviz installer file. If blocked, you will see a warning icon in the download symbol.

# Step 1

Clicking on the button provides the reason the download was blocked.

# Step 2

Hover your mouse over the message, and a button with three dots will appear, along with a tooltip which says, More actions.

Click on the [ooo] button, and a popup menu appears.

# Step 3

Select Keep from the dropdown list.

# Step 4

Microsoft Edge will again try to dissuade you from downloading the file with a warning such as “Make sure you trust windows_10_cmake_Release_graphviz-install-8.0.2-win64.exe before you open it”.

It will appear that your only choices are Delete or Cancel. To keep the file you must click the Show more v dropdown.

Three additional choices will now appear:

  • Keep anyway
  • Report this app as safe
  • Learn more

# Step 5

Click on Keep anyway

# Step 6

Microsoft Edge downloads the file, and the installer file shows up as a download. Click on Open file to run the installer.

# Step 7

Resume the installation steps